Have you watched two people talking to each other at the same time?

Have you wondered if either can listen to the other?

The answer is no.

It is not possible. Because when you talk, you can only hear your own words. You can’t listen to anything else.

Thankfully, you might say, this type of double-talk is not common. Is it?

Isn’t it?

The “listener” might appear to be listening in silence, but what if they are also speaking in silence? In other words, what if they are thinking?

What do you think of the following claim?

“Since thinking is silent talking, you can’t listen and think at the same time; just as you can’t listen and talk at the same time.”

So, should we listen to people without thinking?

I don’t know. Try it and see…

Photo Credit: Pikist



Nuwan I. Senaratna

Nuwan I. Senaratna

I am a Computer Scientist and Musician by training. A writer with interests in Philosophy, Economics, Technology, Politics, Business, the Arts and Fiction.