On P-Values, Cheating, Cost and What to do about these


Statistical analyses of experiments are usually accompanied by p-values (short for probability value).

The Electoral Map Mapping Algorithm (EMMA)

Redrawing Sri Lanka’s Electoral Map

Sri Lankan Parliamentary Elections

Visualising Sri Lankan Startups

A User Manual


#StartupScapeSL is a tool for visualising Sri Lankan Tech Startups, various categories of Startups and various information about the Startups on a TreeMap.

Random thoughts

A Tutorial with Python, MatPlotLib and GeoPandas

  1. It assumes everyone in a polling division voted for one party. For example, 42.45% of valid votes in the…

Nuwan I. Senaratna

I am a Computer Scientist and Musician by training. A writer with interests in Philosophy, Economics, Technology, Politics, Business, the Arts and Fiction.

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